Meet Our Team


I am currently working as a neurosurgeon at Netcare N1 City and Blaauwberg Hospitals in Cape Town. I have been working for the past 4 years with the Cape Rehab Team at Blaauwberg Hospital, both on an in and outpatient basis. Their team includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy with special interest in neuro rehabilitation. I have been constantly impressed by this team's enthusiasm, dedication to patient care, academic knowledge regarding neurosurgery patients and technical abilities that have provided excellent patient care and outcomes. Their strengths are working together and fully integrating their skills to ensure the very best outcome for the patient. Their services are invaluable in our clinical setting and continue to grow from strength to strength.


While a brain stem stroke is a major shock and incredibly traumatic for the stroke survivor and family, this happening 2 days into the first Covid lockdown was incredibly challenging. My husband at 46 suffered an unexpected stroke almost 2 years ago. The Cape Rehab team intially saw him in hospital, they were the first ones to contact me when I wasn't able to visit him in hospital due to Covid and they were my eyes and ears, incredibly kind, patient and sensitive when explaining what treatment he needed. Due to Covid he was transferred to another hospital for longer-term Rehabilitation, after 4 weeks when he could start with basic communication he wanted to come home as he couldn't deal with the isolation away from his family anymore. I immediately contacted Anita who was incredibly supportive and briefed Durrah and Carianne and amazingly shortly after he came home, Covid restrictions then allowed for out-patient therapy. Willem needed physio, OT and speech therapy which the therapists coordinated perfectly for us, they worked together and after a few months Willem could walk and speak again. We are still dealing with double vision and Willem has just had eye surgery, with some initial positive signs. I have a new found respect for physio, speech and OT therapists. They were an incredible part of the healing process. I highly recommend Carianne, Durrah and Anita and the Cape Rehab Team, I consider them angels. The Cape Rehab team also saw my mom for physio when she was in for step-down rehabilitation post severe Covid after been in hospital for over a month on a ventilator. Angels again! She walked out of step down Rehabilitation without any help, part of her Rehabilitation was to start cooking again, one of her favourite things to do. The Cape Rehab team helped in the healing process of 2 of the most important people in my life, I remain incredibly grateful to them.

"My first interaction with the Cape Rehab Team was in December 2020 when I was admitted to Blaauwberg Netcare with GBS. My first recollections of treatment was in ICU and what I can clearly remember is "well done". From day one they did their utmost to assist and help with rehabilitation and encourage. The morning of being transferred to a rehabilitation centre, the therapists had me wobbling, but on my feet and just a few days earlier had me sitting - aided! After my rehabilitation it was recommended that I have further treatment and the recommended practice was Cape Rehab Team - so we went full circle. Initially it had to be home sessions and when people enter a home it automatically becomes very personalised. I truly value new connections formed. The professionalism, support, interaction and encouragement made me even more determined to try and have a complete recovery. I am still having treatment, but now am able to drive myself to their office suite. Thanks to all the help and assistance I continue to receive from a really special bunch of ladies."

"The therapists of the Cape Rehab Team are not only professional in their attitude and approach; but extremely compassionate towards their patients. Trevor, 56 years of age had a stroke in September 2020, his ongoing recovery is greatly attributed to the team of therapists as they persevere with him and encourage him; understanding his condition completely. Without requesting their assistance, they have taken it upon themselves to liaise with the medical aid; again understanding how tiresome this process may be for the patient and his family. I highly commend this team for their outstanding willingness to help! Thank you."

"The brain needs a special approach to nurture it to its fullest health. You need insight, warmth, knowledge, patience, skill, and lots of experience. i have been working with this team for many years and i would take my own brain to them without hesitation. they are well equipped to deal with a wide spread of neurological problems. from traumatic brain injuries to strokes, from muscle diseases to balance problems, from memory impairments to pain management. they are a good earth to sow your seed of hope."